Summer In The Cellar 3

Summer In The Cellar is a series of 3 shows to be held at Grappa’s Cellar in Central over 3 Saturdays in August.

9pm, Saturday 14 August, 2010 – Rock & Blues Rock Bash
9pm, Saturday 21 August, 2010 – Indie Rock Mash Up
9pm, Saturday 28 August, 2010 – Ska/Reggae/Latin Dance Party

Tickets (available from Grappa’s Cellar):
Advance tickets for all shows* – $300 (inc. 3 drink coupons)
Advance tickets per show – $150 (inc. 1 drink coupon)
Tickets per show at the door – $200 (inc. 1 drink coupon)

* Available up to and including 14 August at the door
Contact: 2521 2322 (Grappa’s)

Grappa’s Cellar
Jardine House, 1 Connaught Place, Central

Grappa’s Cellar
Jardine House, 1 Connaught Place, Central

The line up:

Chris Polanco and the Azucar Latina Band
Chris Polanco is a force of nature, a roving party, a moveable feast of musical mayhem and mischief.


Speaking of fantastic sounds. There is no band in HK that does what Transnoodle does, at least not as well. Transnoodle has a billion people in the band which plays a blend of, well, everything. Ska, Reggae, Bossa Nova, Samba, …Punk, Rock, Pop and Pirate? Ok so I’m not sure if Pirate is actually a genre, but thats all I can think of when listening to this song. A bunch of rowdy swash bucklers getting absolutely tanked, abusing the ladies and eating their grub in a manner that would offend Prince William. In case you were wondering, yes there is a horn section, and yes it sounds just as good recorded as when you hear them live.

OTO (from Macau)

OTO (onceteenones) is a unique group that consists of three family members and a friend, who have been making and playing music together since 2004. Fabio Ari Calangi is the drummer, lead vocalist and band leader; Jools Calangi, is bassist, back-up vocals and sister of Fabio; ShelleyG Calangi, is keyboardist, back-up vocals and mother of Fabio and Jools; and Nelson Leong, guitarist. OTO has been a regular at the Hush Full Band Rock Festival from 2005 to 2009, and were also the guest band at the World Youth Dance Festival Closing Party in 2008. OTO has played for numerous charity events, weddings and company inaugurations, RAEM Anniversary Concerts, as well as the bcUnplugged gig and Shout Out Show, both in Hong Kong. OTO was the first Macau Champion at the 2009 GBOB (Global Battle of the Bands) and was FIRST RUNNER-UP in the China GBOB Final held in November 2009, pitting their skills against bands from Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Hong Kong. Their distinctive family-and-music mix was featured on the local TV channel TDM, on the Portuguese channel, Lusa, and in local newspapers. With their eclectic style of music that synthesizes the old with the new, the contemporary with the traditional, while exploring new arrangements and musicalities, OTO has received admiration and critical acclaim.

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