S. R. – The Return

Fringe Club
Friday, 1 July, 2011
Doors Open: 10:30pm
Admission: $120 (on the day) $100 (advance), inc. 1 standard drink
Info: 2521 7251 (Fringe Club Box Office) info@safetyrabbit.com

“The Return”

As the long awaited major renovation of the Fringe Club approaches, S. R. is hoping to organize a couple of unusual shows to celebrate the end of an era at the Fringe. S. R. – The Return brings you 3 bands that have been out of the scene for a while:


GOOD FELLAS IS BACK!!! They won the hearts of millions HK indie fans, as “the most enjoyable rocking romp, punctuated by bellowed expletives, Pete Townsend split leaps, slashing, insistent and melodic guitar interplay, overlapped vocals and a playfully roguish but powerful performance band”. Since Good Fellas’ announced its breakup in August last year, and is now getting back together on this special occasion.
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終於熬過一整天雖生猶死的工作,也剛好把大快朵頤後的東西完好地扣了出來, 營光幕上沒完沒了的巨聲格鬥後個個都不知怎的非死則傷…悶極中你再鑽進互聯網世界,看朋友們解放著內心的真實,讚嘆之餘你開始懷疑有否真的認識過他們。

受不了這麼紛擾的事物,沒有選擇下只好拈來上次買回來還未開封的Amino Shower CD…你仍然對它提不起興趣, 後來只知足足困擾你個多星期的失眠症突然給治好了…

所以如果Amino Shower在香港大受歡迎的話,應該不會是因為我們的音樂特別好…而是現在可以得到的官能享受實在太差。

Billy-Vocal, Bass 偉- Guitars 楓Sir- Drums
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In Love And Pain!, the alternative music journey started in Jun 2007. When Kid, Henry, Satva and Marvin decided to make the noise in their heads come true. Without any concrete directions, the foursome started rehearsing and has kept finding their ideas, styles and forms, and giving as much energy as possible to all their songs. Having taken a break for various reasons, In Love And Pain! is now back to rock your world.

In Love And Pain! are: Henry(Guitar/Vocal), Kid(Guitar/Vocal), Marvin(Drums/Vocal), Satva(Bass/Vocal)

Poster by Ricemove