Gypsy Road

It is generally accepted that the Gypsy people (a.k.a. the Romani people) trace their roots back to the Far East, near present-day northwest India near eastern Pakistan and western China. Beginning their gradual migration westwards along the Silk Road from around 600 C.E., they spread and absorbed rich cultural influences along their paths over the centuries. “The Gypsy Road” will take the audience on a musical journey that retraces one such path from their Asian roots, through Eastern Europe, and subsequently to the Iberian peninsular, with music from India to Eastern Europe to Spanish flamenco.

Time: 10:30pm, Friday, 10 December, 2010
Venue: Fringe Club (2 Lower Albert Rd., Central)
Ticket: $120 (advance)  $150 (on the day)  price includes 1 drink

ReOrientate is a Hong Kong collective founded within the past year, dedicated to weaving rich harmonies through their diverse heritages, with members hailing from Asia, the Mediterranean, the Americas and Africa, their music dances across their cultures, celebrating and transcending dualities.

ReOrientate recognizes no borders between live music and electronica and dance. Onstage, live musicians are joined by dancers making music in their dance with their hands and feet, as well as live improvisational looping of the live musicians themselves. ReOrientate how you hear and move to music.

ReOrientate artists @ World Music: The Gypsy Road include:

Rupert – erhu
Seema – vocals / duff / harmonium
King Chi – zheng
Ingrid – dance
Penny – guitar
Kamran – tabla
De Kai – percussion / keys / loops

With special guests SOL Y FLAMENCO – Hong Kong’s first and only authentic complete flamenco music and dance group ( Sol y Flamenco gathers artists with serious Spanish flamenco background, all trained under the most respected flamenco masters in Andalucía and Madrid – Ingrid Sera-Gillet (dance/vocals), Penny (guitar), Reina (dance), and De Kai (percussion). Sol y Flamenco performs regularly respecting the intimate tradition of Spanish tablaos at Uno Más, Piel de Toro, and other venues.


Bahouki has been the foremost Celtic music outfit in SE Asia for the last 10 years and have entertained audiences at a multitude of venues across the continent. Recognizing a shared spirit and feel between Celtic and Eastern European gypsy music, Bahouki steps to the fore to break new grounds in their music journey.

With members experienced in various different Western folk music, Bahouki is:

John Hutton (vocals /guitar) – an eclectic has played in Swing, Country & Rockabilly bands.. He is currently recording a solo CD.
Dave May is a dynamic fiddler/violinist and was involved recently in “Shekeleg” – a Yiddish music outfit.
Neil Art (double bass) – was also in “Shekeleg” and standing 6’7 is an impressive sight and formidable upright bass player.
Babatunji Heath (drums) – is a very versatile and talented drummer, well known in HK for his performances with El Destroyo and Diving for Air.