Jubilee Rock

With the completion of the bar’s renovation at the Fringe Club, SR is back again at the brand spanking new Cabaret Theatre there.  This year marks the silver jubilee year of H.M. The Queen’s victorious, happy and glorious reign, and with all eyes focused on Britain during the London Olympics, it is not entirely inappropriate to mark the occasion with a night dedicated to Brit pop/rock.

The music of all the bands performing this night is influenced one way or another by contemporary music of the island nation.

Date: Saturday, 18 August
Time: 9:30pm
Venue: Cabaret Theatre at Fringe Club, 2 Lower Albert Road, Central
Admission: $100 (advance) $125 (on the day) – price includes 1 standard drink
Email: info@safetyarbbit.com
Phone: 2521 7251 (Fringe Club box office)



Formed since 2006, when the members met each other in a band competition. After a few line-up changes, Fad is now a combination of vocalist Sky, guitarist Sammy, bassist Carina, keyboardist Shireen and drummer Baller.

Their music has no concrete definition, but they are somehow influenced by British music. Each of them influenced by a variety of music styles, including music from Hong Kong Independent scene, China, Taiwan, Japan, and UK etc., which brings some special chemistry to their music.

“We are just ordinary young people, working like ants during the day and chasing our dreams at night. Time flies, soon we will not be young anymore, and we hope to do something we would be proud of when we look back as grandmas and grandpas.

We love to feel, feel the music, and feel life. Work hard, and play harder!”

Fad’s music: British. Faddish. Alternative. Naive. Taste like a cream tea, bittersweet but not a symphony.

Fad成立於2006年,大家於一個樂隊比賽中認識。經過多次重組,FAD 的成員現有Sky (主唱及結他)、Sammy (結他)、Carina (低音結他)、Shireen (鍵琴及和唱) 和 Baller (鼓)。





Fad的音樂: 英式、時髦、另類、天真,苦樂參半,簡單而令人回味

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Fad.band
Myspace: http://myspace.com/fadhk



Sadness Oyster 的音樂深受PUNK,POST PUNK影響,但最後還是離不開英倫搖滾的懷抱。樂隊希望用最簡單,最直接的方法表達自己想說的話,同時更希望令身邊朋友及台下觀眾展露笑容。

Guitar, Vocal: Cester
Guitar : Hanes C.
Bass : Eric Yau Yan
Drum : Chris S.


British pop meets rock. They play British pop, branching into Dance Beat and Post Punk. They’re influenced by The Stone Roses, Oasis, Franz Ferdinand, the Kooks, Two Door Cinema Club etc.

Mario Chan 西芹 (vocals), Dennis Wong (guitar), John Chan 呀博 (bass guitar), Ho Yin (drums)

* Poster by Rice Move.  Black Coffee’s image supplied by SR