Next SR Presents: Union/Reunion

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For our next show we scoured the indie landscape to drag out a few bands that had been regulars in the scene in their days but have become somewhat reclusive over the past couple of years, which are Phew! (OK this is a new band but with a pedigree), The Train and One Horse Town.  Relive the past from the early 90s onwards.  Read all about it here!

SR Presents supports new local music charity


The guy who founded the well known music charity, Wear Your Music, is bringing the concept to Hong Kong (which makes sense since he lives in HK these days).  The idea is to make jewelry (such as bracelets) from used guitar strings and donate the profit to various charities.  Artists supporting this charity includes Eric Clapton, Pete Townshend, John Mayer and Jason Mraz.

To get it up and running in Hong Kong, the charity needs your used strings, and to help it along, SR Presents will be collecting used strings at our future shows from now on.  So, next time you change strings, save them and drop them off at an SR Present show near you!!

For more information and other places where you can drop off your strings, check out their Hong Kong Facebook page.

Still got the blues

Ever since the success of the Gypsy Road show back in 2010, SR has been toying with the idea of another “educational” show based around the blues and its influence on the music of today.  At long last everything is in place, and we are proud to bring you “A Brief History Of The Blues“, taking the audience back to the blues’ roots in the Mississippi Delta. through to Chicago, then the world in 3 sets!

Performing on the night will be Whitemud Slide, a band that specialises in Delta blues, Helter Skelter, one of the best known blues band in Hong Kong, and the latest kid on the block, Just Soda.

Date: Friday 9 August, 2013
Place: Fringe Club, 2 Lower Albert Road, Central
Door: 10pm
Admission: $120 (advance) $150 (on the day) price includes 1 standard drink

For more information on the show and an extremely abridged and simplified history of the blues, see the synopsis.

We are pleased to have Albion Amplification and Tsang Fook Piano Company providing the awesome guitar and bass amps for the show, as well as Pedal Bunker, a boutique pedal shop specialising in fine analog guitar effects from around the world, plying its wares.