We Rock For Japan – Fringe Club

Mark-1 Music Centre is proud to present We Rock For Japan, a series of two shows with the aim of raising money in aid of those hard hit by the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

All money raised from the shows will go directly to the Miyagi Prefectural Office emergency relief fund and Red Cross (nothing will be deducted for costs/fees etc.).

Show 1
Fringe Club
Date: Sunday 10 April 2011
Door: 2:30pm
Admission: $125 (advance), $150 (on the day). Ticket price includes 1 standard drink

All proceeds (no deduction) from the show will go the Miyagi Prefectural Office’s emergency relief fund. This has been made possible by the generous support from the Fringe Club which has waived all fees and costs, the Venetian Macao-Resort-Hotel for ferrying Forget The G between Hong Kong and Macau, all the musicians for contributing their time, effort and resources and Simon Durrant from BC Magazine.

Line up:
Sun Eskimos

The Sun Eskimos are a group of teenagers with a unique, alternative sound (at least we’d like to think so). The folk-rock group was formed in late 2008 and comprises of Ben Willets, Christopher Lai, Emily Direnzo, Janice Ngiam, and Sean Ng. They recently released, along with Caleb Hung, a debut self-titled EP with proceeds going to Darfur. They’ve just started playing around Hong Kong (and it’s very exciting).

Helter Skelter

The band composes its own material that brings a new edge to Blues-based rock and pop. A well known fixture on the live indie circuit, their energetic Blues interpretations, thumping rhythms and dynamic improvisations make an explosive combination with the electric chemistry and seamless communication among the band members bringing a delightfully unexpected depth and complexity to their music. This band is a must-see live.

Forget The G

Forget the G (from Macau) is an Alternative Rock band formed in 2005. Their music has been described as Alternative Rock meshed with Post Grunge, while sonically full of outrageous elements from the Experimental world. See them at this show as you’ve never seen them before!!

The Sonic Spheres


Senseless 組成於2001~02年間,之後不斷的重組及成員更替,最終於2006年組成最Senseless 的組合直至現在。Senseless 的樂風就是搖滾。影響Senseless的音樂單位很多,包括The Killers、東京事變、Beyond、The Cribs、Metallica、Beethoven甚至兒歌。Senseless 的歌曲主要是抒發成員於生活的不滿,以及對社會和世界的看法。歌曲題材由Street Fighter到燒雞翼,對愛情的不滿到分手,功課及父母壓力等等,Senseless 企圖嘻笑怒罵地訴說生活不快事。生活就是 Senseless。一起吶喊吧!



OperatoR’s is a multi faceted band who’s sound is derived from the fundamentals of various British rock and indie influences with the combination of different musical styles and creative tastes of its members. Etherial effects and driving rhythms are what gives the songs their personality. The music of operatoR finds itself within the strong sensibility of words and melody.

Thinking Out Loud

“Probably Hong Kong ’s best band”, Thinking Out Loud is a creative alt.pop-rock cross-cultural flambé with spicy kick and tingly aftertaste.
Formed in 2001, the revolving door has finally slowed and the renewed lineup is feeling fresh and sounding solid. Fronted by rock goddess Chris B and guitar maestro Angus, new bassist Will pushes the boundaries of TOL’s music and new drummer Jon manhandles the drums whilst encouraging Chris B’s lyrical exploration. The punchy sax and lyrical expectorations of Mysterious Mr B are the icing atop this tasty musical cake.

Corey Tam & One Horse Town

Acoustic-folk-rock singer-songwriter originally hailing from Toronto, Ontario. Having left the Canadian shores a few years back, he has recently begun to play in a number of venues in and around Hong Kong, promoting his debut self-titled EP, released in the middle of 2010.

His songs are influenced by a range of different styles, from sombre finger-pick driven songs to more straight forward catchy pop-rock numbers, to hints of blues, jazz and gospel.

Rounding out the live band (One Horse Town) are Gabe Andre (The David Bowie Knives, 6 Pack Of Wolves) on drums, Zane Stroud on guitar, and Calvin Wong (Trio Pacifico, Out Of The Box, Heather Lowe) on the bass guitar.

False Alarm

False alarm始自1999年,香港Nx100男女肢體接力組合,以野獸本能般的直覺及類近反社會中年男女一樣的生心理衝動,去解決大部份生活問題,並於閒時 才生產噪音。各人持續家貧,縱然曾經遠征南洋,然而過往發佈的處男同名大碟及第二張大張《The Time is Coming》持續滯銷,故唯有持續吃喝拉睡。其支持者均愛在false alarm視線外之陰影下生存,以沉默暗啞微弱的方式,「耐唔中」向false alarm各人表達遠方的愛意,使其賴以存活。false alarm剛於二零零九年十月廿四日舉辦過十周年慶典,現正以龜速製作第三隻大碟「世界真係好撚大同」。

False Alarm is a rock and roll band included 2 species on this planet, based at Hong Kong since 1999. They released their debut album “false alarm” and their second album “The Time Is Coming” at the summer of 2003 and 2005 respectively. They are famous for deaf, always on the verge of nervous breakdown, pretentious yet psychedelic and turning their amps to 10 during shows. After all these years they are still learning to write tunes and are now recording their 3rd album.

Dark Himaya

“You are awakened by mysterious dreams of songs that seemingly seep into your thoughts and creepily travel through your veins, like blood from past wounds that took centuries to heal. You came across countless shelters, but this is the only place you remember; the only sanctuary you’ve known.” Made of soft and melodic vocal harmonies accompanied by enthralling rhythm,

Dark Himaya started in April 2009, with two ladies, Aileen Alonso on vocals/keyboard and Ivy Fernie on vocals/acoustic guitar. With their cryptic lyrics, they aim at exploring all the possible ways of expressing their own visions through sounds and melodies that somehow you can relate to. The four piece band debuted in September 2009, but Ivy’s extensive experience as a vocalist helped the band gain an immediate good reception. With Aileen’s talent on piano and vocals, the duo managed to effectively deliver their melodic lines. Alejandro Dini on bass and Keith Woodfin on drums added the rhythmic component and “movement” the duo was looking for in order to complete the songs and present them to larger audiences. Dark Himaya is a prolific band, with twelve complete songs and several more in the making. An eclectic band whose arrangements are made for two to four pieces, as to represent their minimalistic roots but also the psychedelic and alternative-rock attitude of the band as a whole.

22 Cats

陳冠傑 – vocals, guitars and programming
陳琳波 – vocals, guitars and smiling
陳詠賢 – vocals and bass
田立科 – drums

同年10月於Rockit Hong Kong Music Festival 2004作公開演出。

專輯中首張單曲及其music video備受注目,

Founding 2002, current line-up:
Chan Kwun Kit – vocals, guitars and programming
Chan Lam Por – vocals, guitars and smiling
Chan Wing Yin – vocals and bass
Tin Lap For – drums

Debut mini-album released in May 2004 —<>,
“Jasper” hipped Hong Kong Commercial Radio 2 foreign charting
Joined AMK tribute album in 2004 ,
With “Hey Hey Hey我愛您”invaded the 19th place of Hong Kong Commercial Radio 2 professional recommendation
Numerous public performances,
Organized and played “Tribute to AMK Concert” in June 2002
Start recording of second coming “She Will Eat You” in mid-2005,
Responsible for whole steps throughout the production, available to public in June 2006