SR Presents

800px-OldDairyFarmDepotSR Presents is the main series of shows organised by us and are usually held once a quarter at the Fringe Club located in the historic Dairy Farm Depot at 2 Lower Albert Road in Central.

The series aims to bring the best of Hong Kong’s independent music to a wider audience and counts among its lineup acts such as KillerSoap, Tonick, Noughts And Exes and Shepherd The Weak along with many other well known performers from the territories.

Sol Y Flamenco/ReOrientate at "Gipsy Road"

Sol Y Flamenco/ReOrientate at “Gipsy Road”

In addition to independent bands, the series occasionally includes some “culturally oriented” shows when the idea is sufficiently compelling.  For instance, “Gipsy Road”, a show which traced the migration of the Romany people from India to Spain and their influence on the local music along the way, as well as “A Brief History Of The Blues”, which charted the development of the blues genre from its humble roots in the Mississippi delta, through the heady days of rock in the 60s and 70s, to the music of today, were both critically acclaimed.


KillerSoap at the first Rock Out With SR

KillerSoap at the first Rock Out With SR