S. R. – The Endgame

As the start of the Fringe’s renovation project approaches, join us to celebrate the end of an era for the much loved venue along with a few of the great bands who love the place.

Fringe Club
Saturday, 9th July, 2011
Doors Open: 10:30pm
Admission: $125 (on the day) $100 (advance), inc. 1 standard drink
Info: 2521 7251 (Fringe Club Box Office)


Helter Skelter brings a taut new edge to blues-based rock and pop. The band is known for its energetic interpretations, thumping rhythms and dynamic improvisations. Vincent Lam (vocals and guitar), Adrian Fu (keyboards and vocals), Hiroshi Shimamura (guitar), Koya Hizakazu (bass), Jimi Galvea (drums).

“The band composes its own material that brings a new edge to Blues-based rock and pop. A well known fixture on the live indie circuit, their energetic Blues interpretations, thumping rhythms and dynamic improvisations make an explosive combination with the electric chemistry and seamless communication among the band members bringing a delightfully unexpected depth and complexity to their music. This band is a must-see live.”



Acoustic-folk-rock singer-songwriter originally hailing from Toronto, Ontario. Having left the Canadian shores a few years back, he has recently begun to play in a number of venues in and around Hong Kong, promoting his debut self-titled EP, released in the middle of 2010.

His songs are influenced by a range of different styles, from sombre finger-pick driven songs to more straight forward catchy pop-rock numbers, to hints of blues, jazz and gospel.

Rounding out the live band (One Horse Town) are Gabe Andre (The David Bowie Knives, 6 Pack Of Wolves) on drums, Zane Stroud on guitar, and Calvin Wong (Trio Pacifico, Out Of The Box, Heather Lowe) on the bass guitar.



Logo are an Anglo Chinese Band with members coming form Liverpool London and Hong Kong. Although, the press have tried to label the band the band as psychedelic or post punk , the band consider themselves at the forefront of their own “post-futuresque” movement . The difficulty in pidgeon holing the band has led to comparisons as diverse as Ray Davies, Joe Strummer Talking Heads, Pink Floyd. Echoes of these may be heard in the music by the listeners , but the band is intent on forging its own sound. Having appeared earlier this year at the Springscream Festival in Taiwan and fresh from a tour of the PRC, Logo are back at their home base promising a new set with plenty of fresh material.

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Poster by Ricemove