Summer In The Cellar 2

Summer In The Cellar is a series of 3 shows to be held at Grappa’s Cellar in Central over 3 Saturdays in August.

9pm, Saturday 14 August, 2010 – Rock & Blues Rock Bash
9pm, Saturday 21 August, 2010 – Indie Rock Mash Up
9pm, Saturday 28 August, 2010 – Ska/Reggae/Latin Dance Party

Tickets (available from Grappa’s Cellar):
Advance tickets for all shows* – $300 (inc. 3 drink coupons)
Advance tickets per show – $150 (inc. 1 drink coupon)
Tickets per show at the door – $200 (inc. 1 drink coupon)

* Available up to and including 14 August at the door
Contact: 2521 2322 (Grappa’s)

Grappa’s Cellar
Jardine House, 1 Connaught Place, Central

Grappa’s Cellar
Jardine House, 1 Connaught Place, Central

The line up:

The David Bowie Knives
photo courtesy of the Underground (
The self-appointed sexiest band in Hong Kong (and beyond), the DBKs have been administering aural sex for a number of years in one guise or another and are in fact so sexy that they are even more sexier than Angelina Jolie in a wet t-shirt competition. We didn’t used to be…but now we are. FACT! We are influenced by all the good things in rock and roll, for example whisky and loud noises, and are really looking forward to bringing the ruckus again! See you at the front…..and make sure you bring tissues! Peace out!

Good Fellas

GOOD FELLAS is one of its kind in the Hong Kong rock scene, combining their stylish, raw, powerful, cheerful and drunken rock style. Po Kei, Egg and Jim met in a rock show, and GOOD FELLAS was born in Sep 2008. After 2 months of song writing, they played their debut show, and were immediately labelled as “High-Energy-Rock-Trio”. Since then, they have been in high demand in Hong Kong, including performing during the prestigious Music Matters 2010 conference. Angus joined the gang in September 2009 to complete the current lineup.

The Merriweather Deer

A relatively new band with a strong pedigree and a product of unoccupied time and advances in home recording technology. It all started when guitarist – Ephraim Bano (The Lovesong/ Whence he came), wrote some songs and sent them to his friend and keyboardist, Gideon So (Noughts and Exes) as a side project. Now with the help of their good friends – Lee Yat Ding (The Lovesong/Take Bad from the Good), Don Cruz (Audiotraffic) and Glenn Bogador (Shepherds The Weak), those songs are brought to “live” for your enjoyment.

The Time Traveller

The Time Traveller is a rock band formed by 4 pieces in summer 2009 as we all love music and thought music is the best way to express our feeling and emotion. Many styles of music are influencing us, but we found that most of our songs are sticking to indie English style. Besides, we tried to keep our songs simple but full of emotion that touches and moves people’s heart, as it is the most important part of our music philosophy.

Poster by Ricemove