Party For Da Countess

Celebrating the life of Maggie Chang

Have a party somewhere. Celebrate this wonderful life that I have

The world lost a remarkable woman this month. Maggie Chang, dutiful daughter, loving wife, and a good friend to everyone who knew her, lost her battle against leukemia on the morning of 14 March.

In accordance to Maggie’s wish, we are holding a big party to celebrate her wonderful life. Join us to pay tribute to our warm, caring, ever cheerful and much loved friend.

Time: 4pm, Sunday, 27 March, 2011
Place: The Wanch (54 Jaffe Road, Wanchai)

The event will be webcasted at (the site supports chat, but I think you’ll need to sign up for an account).

The broadcast will a little before 4pm Hong Kong time (8am GMT).

Music will be provided by:
4 00-25 Tony Lee
4 25-50 Reign Lee
4 50-15 Logo
5 15-40 Ned Noble
5 40-05 Corey Tam
6 05-30 Dawn Tsoi / Lani Giro
6 30-55 The David Bowie Knives
6 55-20 Po Kei
7 20-45 Good Fellas
7 45-10 [buffer]
8 10-35 Luke Chow
8 35-00 Jade & The Stagger Swallows
9 00-25 Six Pack Of Wolves
9 25-50 Billy Dean Cochran (of El Destroyo)
9 50-15 Adrian Furby (of Bonetable)
10 15-40 DP
10 40-05 FBI
11 05-30 Sushi Robot
11 30-55 The Sleeves
11 55-20 Sea Monsters

Admission is free but there will be a collection box for donations to the Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service and the Bone Marrow Donor Registry.